About Me

My Skills

I'm a lifelong nerd with a Business Marketing and Sales background.
After working in the mortgage industry for 5 years, I decided it was time to start doing something I enjoyed. I opened up my design agency in 2008 when a friend referred me to the owner of an organization that helps recruit teenagers for basketball scholarships. At that moment, I found a way to use my problem-solving skills along with my love for technology to help others get up and running online.
  • Branding - 90%
  • UX Research - 93%
  • Interface Design - 91%

I aim to be as transparent as possible when it comes to pricing, solutions, options, and suggestions. My goal is to get you up and running fast and smoothly while maintaining competitive rates and delivering a hands-on experience. For simplicity, I use a WordPress theme called Divi to build all of my websites. Divi is very extensive and has a bit of a learning curve. My blog is designed to help those that want to learn on their own and I am available as a source of direction for you. If you prefer to have someone else do it, I am here for you.